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Milling: The grinding down and removal of asphalt using a powered machine. We usually grind 1/2 of the thickness of the existing asphalt to make the new asphalt overlay the old asphalt.


Overlay/Regrade: Consists of installing a 1.5" or 2" thick layer of asphalt on top of an existing driveway, parking lot or road.


Crackfill: A hot melt rubberized material used to seal cracks larger than 1/4" (pencil width) to help prevent water penetration and damage to the base.


Base: Generic term for material installed prior to asphalt paving. It may be crushed stone or asphalt product. This provides the load bearing characteristics of the finished pavement and may vary from 3-4" for a residential driveway to 18" or more for parking areas or roadways.


Subgrade: The soil prepared to support a structure or a pavement system. This is the foundation for the "pavement structure"


Paving Machine (Paver): Used to place the asphalt or concrete materials in their finished position.


Sealcoating: A topical coating of black tar mixed with water and sand that is applied to asphalt to preserve, protect and keep your driveway looking fresh. There are many different sealcoating products available from low-end do-it-yourself provided in buckets to commercial grade, provided in a concentrated bulk form. Water and sand are then added in precise measurements by the contractor in an agitated mixing tank.

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