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1 - Remove all grass overlaying your pavement

2 - Burn off any oil spots and coat them with oil spot primer

3 - Sweep the pavement with a power air broom

4 - Apply 1st coat of sealer

5 - Apply 2nd coat of sealer

Prevent costly repairs and overlay expenditures for

3-4 years with help from us.

Re-sealcoating your driveway ever four years helps to protect your pavement from natural deterioration and damange by gasoline, oil, salt, and water. A proper maintenance program with regular sealing will extend the service life ofyour asphalt and help eliminate costly repair and overlay expenditures. Natural deterioration can also be caused by the sun’s rays and rainwater. Sealcoat will seal-out the harmful and natural elements that can oxidize the asphalt and will seal-in the flexibility of the asphalt. A sealcoating that is applied correctly also makes your driveway easy to clean. It will provide a smooth but non-skid surface so rain water is able to be washed away easily from the non-pourous surface.

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There are many benefits to sealcoating your driveway. Typically a normal driveway should be seal coated every 3-4 years to prevent costly repairs and overlay expenditures. By employing a regular maintenance program, you will not only double the life of your asphalt, you will help to protect your investment.

Why sealcoating works

Our 5 Step Sealcoat Process

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