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We would be happy to come out and give you a conditioned report on the status of your driveway at your convenience.

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 •   Sweep and clean driveway using high power brooms with a wind velocity equal to 180MPH to ensure a clean surface

 •  Clear away any overlaying grass on the sides of your driveway. This allows us to seal these edges correctly, thus preventing deterioration where it starts.      

 •  Any cracks larger than 1/4 in. are filled with crack filler

 •  Weather permitting sealcoating is applied by spraying or by hand and takes typically a couple of hours depending on size.


Q. How long before I can drive or walk on my newly seal coated driveway?

               A. Depending on the temperature, we recommend keeping vehicles off the drive for a full 48 Hours and 24 Hours for pedestrian use


Q. There are unusual dark marks appearing on my driveway after it was just seal coated, what is this?

               A. These are called, power steering marks, these are caused by adding sand to our sealer to provide a non-skid surface and the hotter weather makes the rubberized material more pliable. This is temporary and typically fades within a few weeks.


Q. What do I have to do to prepare my driveway to be sealed?

               A. All we require is that no vehicles, boats etc. be in the drive at the time of scheduled sealing, and to make sure that any lawn ornaments too close to the sealing site are moved. We take care of all the rest!


   As you can see, a regular preventative maintenance program is ideal for keeping your driveway looking “Like New". It boasts the overall appearance and seals out all those nasty elements that deteriorate your driveway over time. At this point, after you have your newly seal coated drive your name and address will go into our database. Every 4 years (unless you would like our 2 Year program), around May 1st, you will receive a letter from us reminding you that your driveway is due for a routine seal.

Here we will explain to you how the sealcoating process is completed, what you have to do to prepare,

and some frequently asked questions.

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